29 March 2009

Where I'll be for the next bit

Haven't posted in a while. Just too much work. But I'm taking a break for the next month-and-change (or at least much of it). Hopefully might even find some time to blog. But for now, I'm just going to provide a quick overview of where I'll be/what I'll be up to and instruct those curious to check my twitter updates until I find time for more blog posts.

Tomorrow, Linda and I leave Paris early in the morning. We are heading down to Nice, where we will sight-see and relax until Thursday evening. Then we head to Israel on an overnighter. Get in Friday morning and spend the next two weeks seeing friends, catching up on sleep and a little work, and celebrating the Pesach holidays. Leave Israel after the holiday, stop in Paris for a couple of hours to see friends from New Mexico, then off to Vienna to visit Linda's cousins and newborn child! Couple of days in Vienna and then back to Paris for the night of the 21st of April. 22nd we head to Tangiers, Morocco. After that Fez, Casablanca, Marrakesh (and maybe other places in between). Then at the end of the week (can't remember if its the last day of April or first of May, we go to London for an extend weekend with good friends. Then I return to NY and work at Columbia (May 5th in the eve) and Linda will be travelling, learning, and cooking in Europe until June 21st. Okay now to sleep b/c I have to get up EARLY.