22 June 2008

Shabbat in Kathmandu

Shabbat in Kathmandu was really nice. We went to Chabad for both meals (strange that our first food here tasted like it was straight from Brooklyn) - was very pleasant. Met up with my friend Danielle (met her while she was a waitress at Blossom) and her boyfriend Ariel. In the late afternoon we wandered the city, went to a world music festival taking place in the street and a circle of Nepalis ended up gathering around to watch me dance - surreal. After shabbat we went out to dinner at an Indian restaurant and caught a musical performance and drinks. Super fun. Pictures will come when we get someplace with the speed to upload photos.
Today we will shop and chill in Thamel and around Kathmandu. Tonight we will be at Tevel B'Tzedek the ngo Danielle is volunteering with. Monday we will probably volunteer on an environmental awareness river tour with Nepali children and Tuesday we may head to Pokhara for trekking....

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