17 July 2008

heading to Kochi

This weekend we will be in Kochi! For those of you who don't know, Kochi is the site of the longest continous Jewish habitation in India, and one of the oldest in the world (Rome, another Italian city, and parts of Greece, are the only sites I'm sure have been longer) starting in 72CE when refugees landed on the eastern coast of India. Only about 43 are left and the community is now dying out (an ironic result of the establishment of Israel). I'm sure we will have stories to tell on our return.

But until then enjoy some more belated pictures from Kathmadu of out time visiting the Monkey Temple and hanging out with Tevel B'Tzedek and Israeli run service organization.

For those of you who just joined, you can read/see previous posts in reverse chronological order by reading below.

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