04 November 2008

Watch the Election Live!

I've spent my entire adult voting life being continually frustrated that my candidate never wins. G-d, I hope Obama wins b/c I don't want this to be the third presidential election that ends with me crying.


  1. Me too, Josh... Me too (though last election was my first, it still did not go well). I did my democratic duty before 7 am NYC time this morning. I'm sorry that you won't be here to (fingers crossed!) celebrate with us tonight!

  2. That map looks so beautiful! I don't know about you, Josh, but I WAS crying at the outcome of the election. Today is an amazing day.

  3. Hey guys, just wanted to thank you for your comments - keep em coming.

    I do have to say it is such a beautiful map and I was sorry I couldn't be there to celebrate (from what Jon Stewart said, people in NY were actually making eye contact and nodding at each other!)