05 August 2008

New Apartment!

So we've been really busy lately with moving apartments, research (me), expanding culinary frontiers (Linda), and a variety of other stuff. I've got lots of backlogged pictures to send you, but not the time to write - and Linda is currently up in Jaipur for 2-3 weeks studying at a super-exciting aryuveda center. However, despite the busyness (in a couple of minutes, I'm heading over to the newly opened Chabad of Bangalore to meet the shlichim and have a meal ;-) I wanted to give you a quick update.

We've moved. Our old apartment was a great deal less than ideal. It was a quick walk to work and very convenient to transport and shops, but otherwise pretty bad.Our bathroom and kitchen windows faced onto a dim hallyway/airshaft that also served as a play area for children who particularly enjoyed throwing our windows open at unpredictable times to examine what must have appeared to them, some unusual fair skinned creatures. They also liked ringing our doorbell and running away. Our bedroom and living room windows on the other hand opened onto a panorama whose lower half was wall and upper gas station. We were right on a major traffic circle so there was traffic noise and police whistling at all hours, except late in the evening when the traffic cops went to sleep and were replaced by electronic sirens that rang out at random intervals. This noise prevented us from opening our windows late in the evening, the only time the air didn't smell heavy of fumes. Of course these were merely charms compared to the bathroom which increasingly stank over the weeks as a continually unfixed leak of slime from upstairs nourished two crops of mushrooms and flies. Also the power went out about half of the time, leaving us in the dark without internet. Oh and our clothes when washed always smelled musty, and the cleaning wasn't very good. See some pictures!


Our new place is super much nicer. The only drawbacks being minor/moderate bug infestation and a worse commute - it's pretty much the exact opposite. Spotless, beautiful view of the golf course, lots of light, fresh air. I'm super happy! Pictures of the new place

and surroundings (we are next door to the super posh Le Meridian hotel starting around $400 a night)

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