07 August 2008

Retroactive Inaugural Post

This is the retroactive inaugural post of my blog. I know this seems odd - my posts have been made since June '08 and it's now August.

But you see, the previous posts weren't actually made in blog form - this whole thing was an email chain until recently. So this is technically the first blog post, shechianu.

It is also the last email of the chain, or at least from the following line it is.

End of the line: recent mention of her soon-to-be launched blog by my wife, and complaint that there aren't any pictures of me on my relatively new facebook homepage by an old friend with whom I am now back in touch, have somehow combined in my mind to make me decide this email chain has gotten a bit too long and would be better off reincarnated (I am living in India after all) as a blog. Hence from here forth I proclaim that this email chain is at an end and you can now read about my/our adventures at my newly inaugurated blog http://mostlyslow.blogspot.com/

While you can of course just check the blog periodically, subscribe via RSS, and respond in the comments clickable from the blog, I have for your convenience created a private google group for which you will shortly receive an invitation [those of you who weren't part of the chain please refer to the Email Notification box at right]. Should you respond to this invite and elect to join this group, you will receive email alerts when I make new posts and as a bonus will receive email links to private picture albums which barbarians outside this group are barred from seeing!

Please send me/comment your feedback on this decision - like? dislike?

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