19 October 2008

Hampi B'Kitzur (in brief) or Elephant Blessings or Why I Haven't Written for Awhile

I know I haven't written in a while. It's not because I've lost my fondness for all of you. Rather I've been busy. Very busy.

In brief: I arrived in Israel. I was really very ill. I recovered partially. There was a paper deadline. I decided it was very important to try to make the deadline. I also decided to try and contact some Israeli researchers to network - I met some really nice folks at Tel Aviv University, Yuval Shavitt's research group. I managed to get the paper done right before the Succot holiday started. I was very, very tired, still a bit ill (relapsing to a certain extent actually) and hadn't really taken care of anything else (preparations for arriving in France, email, finances). Finally have mostly caught up, but am still really tired and discombobulated - and I leave Israel in only two more days and start work in a week. I'm excited for both but feel like I could really use a vacation. I'm out of it.

So I hope that excuses my lack of posts, and I have done some fun stuff here as well - I hope to tell you about it some time ;-)

But for now enjoy these two short videos, they were taken at the main temple in Hampi and should be relatively self explanatory.

Now I will go to bed.

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