26 October 2008

What I'm Doing Today

I just spent more time than was perhaps advisable writing about Cholent. Can't quite explain why I did, but sometimes my typing-hands just run away with me. I always say "I'd write a book, if only I had something worth saying, but the problem is that I don't really have anything that worthwhile". I mean what great insights do I really possess that someone else hasn't already shared with the world? The nice thing about blogs is that they don't have that barrier of quality. So I can spew all the crap I want. Which is probably less-than-productive, but at least has the benefits that my great-grandchildren will know something about me (if I'm fortunate enough to have them and the server doesn't die and lose all of my posts).

Right at the moment, I'm sitting in my comfy bed, in my comfy apartment, feeling somewhere between great and really-ill. I'm finding it very difficult to believe that tomorrow is my first day at my last-and-final internship before returning to Columbia. And thus, quite likely, my last-and-final internship ever (since I don't think they call them internships anymore once you've got a Doctorate - I think the word then is job). I'm also not terribly happy that I'm still feeling sick, since I haven't really every gotten completely well from the illness from which I was suffering when I first arrived in Paris, and it appears to be trying to stage a comeback. Slightly comforting though, was the effect a cup of hot samurai tea (which I bought in the shuk in Israel).

So I'm not feeling too badly. Would like a hot shower though and something is up with the hot water - hasn't been working since before Shabbos :-(

But I do need to get myself up and about, b/c I've been told things close early here on Sunday (if they are open in the first place). So know I'll take a moment to lay out what I need to do today:

  1. Do laundry (already running)
  2. Assess kitchen and determine what I need to buy
    1. cookware
    2. foodstuffs
  3. Go to the nearby cheapo supermarket to by more Avocados (on sale 4 for 1 EUR!)
  4. Go to Chinatown for
    1. Cookware
    2. Groceries
    3. Sightseeing
  5. Go to the Kosher Butcher for
    1. Kosher cheese and other foodstuffs
    2. Learn about the nearby Jewish community
  6. Have lunch
  7. Fold up laundry and begin figuring out where all my clothing should go
  8. Do likewise for electronics and other miscellaneous stuff
  9. Eat
  10. Meet up w/ Ariane
    1. Paperwork
    2. Payment
    3. Hot water
    4. Additional Apt. Info
  11. Nap
  12. Computer Stuff and Prepare for Work Tomorrow (gather paperwork, etc.)
  13. Have dinner w/ Jen & David
  14. Have a bath, tea, and get a goodnight's sleep
Hopefully this covers everything b/c frankly I'm a little overwhelmed!

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