26 October 2008

What I Did Today

  1. Do laundry (already running)
  2. Assess kitchen and determine what I need to buy
    1. cookware
    2. foodstuffs
  3. Start Kashering Kitchen
  4. Go to the nearby cheapo supermarket to by more Avocados (on sale 4 for 1 EUR!)
  5. Go to the Kosher Butcher for
    1. Kosher cheese and other foodstuffs at Ki Tov II Kosher Market
    2. Learn about the nearby Jewish community - Meet Jewish Expat
  6. Stroll Through Farmer's Market and Buy Some of Everything!
  7. Go to Chinatown for
    1. Cookware
    2. Groceries
    3. Sightseeing
  8. Have lunch Wolf down a baguette w/ some kosher Guda
  9. Fold up laundry and begin figuring out where all my clothing should go
  10. Do likewise for electronics and other miscellaneous stuff
  11. Meet up w/ Ariane
    1. Paperwork
    2. Payment
    3. Hot water
    4. Additional Apt. Info
  12. Nap
  13. Have dinner w/ Jen & David at Tayelet - delicious!
  14. Computer Stuff and Prepare for Work Tomorrow (gather paperwork, etc.)
  15. Have a bath, tea, and get a goodnight's sleep

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